Energy Security

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Reliable and affordable energy

Energy powers our society, fuels our industries and underpins our quality of life. Access to reliable, affordable energy has transformed the welfare of millions of people globally, but the collective demand for energy continues to rise.

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Paul Leonard
President of Operations Americas
Jim Shaughnessy
President, Conventional Energy      
German Carmona
President of Digital Consulting
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    Case study
    Wood develops first of a kind method and saves power client millions
    Florida is the second largest producer of electricity in the United States, but as the third-largest electricity consumer in the nation, does not produce enough electricity to meet its own power requirements, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.
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    Case study
    Securing critical energy supply
    As we consume energy by heating homes, turning on the oven or enjoying a hot shower, the gas used to make this possible has travelled hundreds of miles and been thoroughly processed to be delivered safely to your home.
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    Case study
    Chevron Anchor
    Anchor is the industry’s first deepwater ultra-high pressure development to achieve a final investment decision and one of the largest projects in the US energy industry.